Witkit Raises $5M in Funding

witkitWitkit, a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based provider of a centralized collaboration platform, raised $5m in funding.

Backers were not disclosed.

Led by Sean Merat, president and CEO, Witkit provides a centralized collaboration platform where individuals and businesses to assemble teams and groups within industries, companies, and departments to tackle projects and solve problems collectively. It allows business owners or employees to set up a user profile and create or join “Kits”, virtual work groups organized around specific missions or topics. Within each Kit, members can upload and access shared files, initiate and contribute to group discussions, post and respond to team tasks, and use a single synchronized calendar.
Features include secure and encrypted storage, messenger and video conferencing services.
Kits can be private – with membership controlled by the organizer – or public, allowing any Witkit user with relevant interests or expertise to contribute.

Witkit will offer the first 50,000 people who sign up for the platform’s launch 50GB of free data-encrypted storage and all available applications for free.



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