The 2014 of Rally Ventures

RallyVentures_LogoRally Ventures (formerly Icon Venture Partners), a Menlo Park, California and Minnetonka, Minnesota-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage business technology companies, added ten early-stage startups to its portfolio in 2014.

New companies in the portfolio include:
Backtrace.I/O, a software analysis platform that allows engineers to improve software debugging and fault detection in complex environments
Cloud Elements, a cloud API integration service that enables SaaS application developers to deliver apps that connect with other cloud services
Cluster K, a cloud computing platform that solves critical problems in high performance computing
Coupa, a provider of cloud-based financial applications to support business agility and reduce costs
Elevate, a SaaS application that allows retailers and restaurants immediate feedback from real customers in order to improve the customer experience
Kapta, a cloud application that provides executives with a tool to communicate, align and track company initiatives and performance in real time
Qubell, an enterprise software devops platform for companies that continuously develop, deliver and operate web-scale digital services
ReadyPulse, a suite of cloud applications that enables digital marketers to manage digital commerce experiences
VentureBeat, an online media platform for executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts
Visitrend, a cloud application that enables companies to proactively respond to threats and performance issues

In addition, Rally Ventures also conducted the profitable exit of Swarm Mobile, which provides an analytics and customer engagement platform for brick-and-mortar retail businesses. The company was acquired by Groupon in November 2014.

Led by Charles Beeler and Jeff Hinck, the firm invests in seed and Series A rounds of business technology start-ups.



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