Sensorion Completes up to €4M Funding Round

logo-SensorionSensorion S.A., a Montpellier, France-based biotech startup specializing in the treatment of inner ear diseases, completed an up to €4m new funding round.

Existing shareholders Innobio and Inserm Transfert Initiative made the investment, whose amount depends on the achievement of clinical milestones.

This new funding will allow Sensorion to begin a phase 1 clinical trial of its first drug candidate for the symptomatic treatment of severe vertigo, dizziness or tinnitus, and select a second drug candidate within a distinct programme aimed at treating lesions in the inner ear.

Founded as an Inserm research unit and led by Laurent Nguyen, Sensorion has developed a technological platform to develop and test new treatments for all inner ear disorders, both symptomatic and anti-lesional. Two initial drug candidates chosen using the Sensorion platform, one for treating symptoms during bouts of acute vertigo or tinnitus and the other for treating progressive lesions in the inner ear, are about to enter the clinical phase.
The first drug candidate, SENS-111, is aimed at treating bouts of vertigo or tinnitus, will begin its 1b clinical phase during the 1st quarter of 2015.

Sensorion has a portfolio of 7 patent families, employs 15 staff.



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