FinSMEs: 2015, A Year of Challenges

Dear Readers,
2014 was a great year for FinSMEs. After five years, it consolidated its role as a leading financial news blog being currently red and appreciated by venture capital professionals, entrepreneurs, analysts, bloggers, journalists and market researchers worldwide. Another meaningful award came (read here).

2014 was an year in which I personally had the opportunity to meet, work and partner with a lot of remarkable people and professionals, everybody recognizing the role of FinSMEs as an industry-leading content source of news. But nowadays, FinSMEs is not only news….The numbers of interviews increased, a new podcast initiative to understand tech and vc trends was launched (read here) in partnership with vc analyst Tobia De Angelis, analysis was introduced. Fortunately, more (quality) content meant more people who red the blog and more business opportunities.

But we think all of this was not enough…Every aspect of FinSMEs will be improved. Every challenge will be faced. We are ready!!!

Will you be with us? Hope so…happy new year!!!!


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