Distelli Secures $2.8M in First Round of Funding

Distelli, a Seattle, Washington-based infrastructure automation startup for software developers to improve code deployment and server management capacities, secured $2.8m in its first round of venture funding.

The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz. In conjunction with the funding, Andreessen Horowitz’ General Partner Scott Weiss joined Distelli’s Board of Directors.

Founded by Rahul Singh, Distelli is an agent-based SaaS platform that allows engineers to communicate back and forth with every server in their environment. Distelli shows developers what’s running on which server, allows them to deploy their code with increased frequency, and enables them to instantly update it or roll it back.
It works with any server — bare metal, public cloud, private cloud, virtual machines or containers — regardless of where the servers live.
The service has already been in production in critical infrastructure for paying customers for the past year.

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