Rothenberg Ventures Launches River Accelerator Focused on VR

Venture capital firm Rothenberg Ventures has launched an accelerator exclusively focused on virtual reality.

River, which runs February through April 2015, is focused on infrastructure, platforms, applications, and content, and teams that are ready to iterate, refine, polish, and launch their technology and experiences.
Led by Tipatat Chennavasin, Creative Director, the accelerator will provide startups with $100k in venture funding, access to an 8,000 square feet office in SOMA in San Francisco, mentorship from top virtual reality veterans including Palmer Luckey (Oculus), Amir Rubin (Sixense), David Helgason (Unity), and Shane Wall (HP), Karl Krantz (SVVR), Philip Rosedale (High Fidelity), Denny Unger (Cloudhead Games), Roger Dickey (Mafia Wars), and Maureen Fan (Zynga).

Startups will demo their experiences at AT&T Park at Rothenberg’s annual Founder Field Day in April 2015 and at SVVR in May 2015.

It is now accepting applications here.

Read the River Manifesto here



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