gr8code To Receive $5.4m in Venture Capital

gr8code_logogr8code, a Tampa, Florida-based women-owned developer boot camp, is to receive $5.4m in venture capital.

OmniElite Financial Group will provide the funds over a period of four years.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its programs and broaden its reach.

Co-founded by Virginia Barnett, Phuong Nguyen Cotey and Deborah Alvarez Neff, gr8code teaches computer coding skills in nine intensive weeks and connects graduates with employers looking to hire. Through a nine-week intensive course on front-end development, gr8code teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript and associated server-side tech. Justin Davis, gr8code’s vice president of program development, is an internationally recognized designer and developer whose clients include Coke Zero, Bic, Metlife and Lenox.
In addition to providing skills, the company has established partnerships with several local businesses that are seeking to hire front-end, back-end, .net and mobile app developers upon completion of the nine-week course.



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