Life.SREDA Launches $100M Second Fintech Venture Capital Fund

lifesredaLife.SREDA, a Moscow, Russia-based fintech venture capital firm, is raising a $100m second fund.

Life.SREDA II will back foreign mature startups with investment expected to be between $5 and $10m. The investments will be focused on U.S and European fintech projects, while approximately 10% of the funding will be allocated to Russian projects.

While Life.SREDA stakeholders have already provided $20m for the new fund, the firm is currently in fundraising talks with several large banks and telecom operators, with an increasing interest in Chinese, Hong Kong and Singapore bank investments.
New investors will not only provide funding but will also become partners in launching European, U.S. and Asian fintech startups abroad.

Launched in September 2012 and led by Vladislav Solodkiy, Managing Partner, Life.SREDA has invested over $40М into fintech startups including the Anthemis Group, Simple, which was acquired for $117m in February 2014 by the BBVA Group, Settle, SumUp, Scorista, and LifePay.



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