Audi Selects FinSMEs as Part of Audi Innovative Thinking Project

audiInnovation is neither the starting point nor the finish line. It’s a path full of challenges and obstacles. Talent must be accompanied by hard work and passion. Only who will follow this path will reach the future.
For this reason, Audi Italia is directing the attention to people who is walking through it day by day, people who have reached it but want to continue to dream. This wants to be both a present for what they have done but also a call to walk and reach the future together.

Recognizing our work, Audi has selected FinSMEs and his founder Ermanno Cece to participate in its Audi Innovative Thinking, a project that aims to connect the best innovation representatives in a dedicated communication platform to share stories of success and stories of people working hard to achieve it.

All of this represents what we have believed in so far and what we want to continue to do. Given this, we are happy to share the presentation video and be part of the initiative.

Thank you Audi.



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