Oyokey Raises $1M

OYOKEYOyokey Inc. (stands for Own Your Own Keywords), an Irving, Texas-based developer of cloud addressing and recognition technology, raised $1.01m in seed financing.

Dallas based investors provided the capital.

The copmpany intends to use the funds to continue the development of its new Voice Internet addressing, support major scaling of their Keyword Registry and fund continued relationship development with Mobile Carriers and Equipment providers.

Led by Nitin Anand, the inventor behind its platform, and Kirk Klinkhammer, Chief Marketing Officer,  Oyokey specializes in cloud-based addressing and recognition technology platforms. The foundation of its addressing system is the coupling of a keyword and domain name into a Keyword Identifier Tag (kiTAGS™). When a kiTAG is created within its Keyword Registry, the patent pending system directs the domain owner to select an Action Code for the kiTAG. Triggered Action Codes can be phone number dial (call#anywebsite.com), webpages (newmovies#anywebsite.com), locations (dallas#anywebsite.com).

The company’s new form factor gives users direct and accurate access to the entire Internet through all current devices and emerging engagement platforms such as cars, wearables, and TVs by speaking the kiTAGS in voice engines.



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