Impression Technologies Raises £300K from Mercia Fund Management

Impression Technologies, a UK-based aluminium forming company, raised £300k from Mercia Fund Management.

The company intends to use the funds for further R&D of the patented aluminium forming processes, manufacture demonstration parts and build a technical and commercial team.

Led by Dr George Adam, Chief Executive Officer, Impressions Technologies specializes in developing processes that aim to maximise the strength and lightweight properties of aluminium. The primary target for these processes is the automotive sector, where weight reduction has a significant impact on lowering CO2 emissions. Potential applications also include the aerospace and rail industries.
Its portfolio of patented technologies includes the HFQ® method, used to form complex components from high-strength sheet aluminium.

Impressions is part of one UK government sponsored research program, in automotive with Lotus Cars and other UK partners and one EU sponsored project in the aerospace and automotive fields, with 15 other partners including Lotus and the Fiat Research Centre.
The company also offers Licensing, Training and Support services for forming processes, forming simulation and material test methods.



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