Enterra Feed Closes $5M Funding Round

Enterra Feed, a Vancouver, Canada-based developer of a proprietary process that up-cycles discarded food into concentrated nutrient-rich protein, natural oils and fertilizer, closed a $5m funding round.

UK-based Wheatsheaf Investments Ltd., a Grosvenor Estate Company, made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to further expand operations.

Led by Brad Marchant, Chief Executive Officer, Enterra uses traceable recycled food products as feedstock to grow high-value protein and natural feed oil products that are used as ingredients for food production, with natural fertilizer as a valuable byproduct.
Products can be used in feed for aquaculture, livestock and pets as substitutes for resource-intensive feed ingredients, such as fishmeal, poultry meal and soybean meal.
The company plans to expand to other agricultural and food production areas throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe and is currently in discussions with several municipalities and potential joint venture partners.




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