Club Italia Investimenti 2 Makes Investments in Italian Startups

cii2Club Italia Investimenti 2, an Italian pre-seed firm backing startups incubated within partnering accelerators across the country, has made additional investments.

Operations closed during the latest months include:
Lumi Industries, which develops 3D printing solutions;
GoodAppetito, which operates an online platform that suggests recipes based on discounted grocery products;
Regalister, a mobile app that allows users to create their wishlist offline and share it through social networks;
Velasca, a handmade shoes brand;
Le Cicogne, an online babysitting platform;
Wear, a developer of augmented reality apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices; and
Trampoline, a creator of public wifi solutions.

Led by Cristiano Esclapon, Club Italia Investimenti 2 invests €25k/€50k acquiring a 10%/15% stake in each company.



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