3D Printing, Internet of Things, and Biotech/Healthcare IT Disruptive Technologies over Three Years, KPMG Says

KPMG3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), and biotech/healthcare IT are considered among the top disruptive technologies over the next three years, according to the 2014 KPMG Global Technology Innovation survey.

The study, which surveyed 768 technology business leaders globally, including C-level executives (70 percent of respondents), from technology industry startups, mid-sized to large enterprises, venture capital firms and angel investors, also showed the continuing impact of Cloud and Mobile, and the growth of data and analytics, autotech, and artificial intelligence.

In the survey, technology business leaders thought that retail/intelligent shopping (20%) has the biggest potential to generate revenue as a result of adoption of the Internet of Things, followed by home automation (14%), and surveillance/security and social interaction (both at 12%). Most U.S. survey respondents (22%) cited home automation while most China survey respondents (20%) said sustainable environment/waste management.

The industries that will experience greatest transformation are technology (21%), consumer markets (12%), healthcare (11%) and automotive/transportation and manufacturing (10 %).

Respondents  also believe that digital currency (i.e. Bitcoin/Blockchain, etc.) is one of the emerging technologies that may impact a sector or an industry while the biggest challenges to innovation and commercialization include restrictive regulatory policies, consumer fatigue/pullback, and ability to demonstrate ROI.

Top barriers to commercialize technology innovation were security (27%), technology complexity (22%) and customer adoption (21%).

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