Databricks Closes $33M Series B Funding

databricksDatabricks, a Berkeley, CA-based provider of a cloud platform for analyzing and extracting value from big data, closed a $33m Series B funding.

The round was led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with follow-on investment from Andreessen Horowitz.

Led by Ion Stoica, CEO, and Matei Zaharia, CTO, Databricks provides has launched Databricks Cloud, a platform built around open source Apache Spark* that enables users to deploy and leverage the ecosystem of third-party Spark applications. Currently available on Amazon Web Services, it also provisions servers on the go, streamlines import and caching of data, handles all elements of security, and continually patches and updates Spark.

Currently in limited availability with several beta users and gradually opening up more capacity, Databricks Cloud provides an interface that allows users to perform data discovery and exploration and to plot the results interactively, execute entire workflows as scripts, and enable advanced collaboration features; create and host dashboards; and enables anyone to run arbitrary Apache Spark jobs and trigger their execution.

*Spark is a unified processing engine that provides support for interactive queries (Spark SQL), streaming data (Spark Streaming), machine learning (MLlib) and graph computation (GraphX) natively with a single API across the entire pipeline.



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