WISErg Secures $5M in Series B Funding

WiserglogoWISErg Corporation, a Redmond, Washington-based bio-clean technology company that converts food scraps into organic fertilizer for sale to farmers and consumers, secured $5m in Series B funding.

The funding will enable WISErg for continued development of the Harvester technology and WISErg’s fertilizer production process, marketing operations and the company’s expansion into the California market. To date, the company has contracted to deploy its Harvesterâ„¢ units at regional and national grocery outlets in the Puget Sound area of Washington, including Whole Foods Market, Town & Country Markets, PCC Natural Markets, and Red Apple Markets and is in active discussions with other regional and national grocery chains.

The Harvester is a sealed, odor-free unit that can process all food scraps originating from the meat, seafood, deli and produce departments. It uses a patent-pending oxidative conversion process, extracting valuable nutrients from food scraps before they become waste. Those nutrients are then used to create a locally based, natural agricultural fertilizer that is sold to commercial farmers and to consumers at retail. The Harvester also captures data about the sources of food scraps and environmental conditions that businesses such as grocers can analyze to make more informed inventory management decisions.

The company is led by Larry LeSueur, CEO.



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