Equidate Raises Seed Funding

Equidate, Inc., a marketplace for pre-IPO company shares, raised a seed funding of undisclosed amount.

Backers included:
Scott Banister (an early investor in PayPal, Uber, Zappos),
Charlie Cheever (co-founder of Quora), and
Structure Capital, and
– other angel investors.

Led by Sohail Prasad, CEO, and newly appointed Head of Strategic Operations John-Paul Teutonico, who is a former Chief Administrative Officer at SecondMarket, Equidate provides a web-based platform for investors to invest in fast-growing private companies before they go public and for an employee to find a way to liquidate shares in a growing startup.
The marketplace can be accessed by accredited investors with a net worth over $1 million or yearly earnings over $200,000.



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