TorqBak Raises £150K

TorqBak, a Surrey, UK-based provider of an online platform for businesses to target potential customers on Twitter, raised £150k in funding.

Mercia Fund Management made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to add new features to the online platform, including advanced reporting and analytics, and expanf sales efforts.

Founded in September 2013 by Nick Sharples, Torqbak provides an online system that allows brands to find potential clients on Twitter based on the content of their tweets. It uses a mixture of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and Machine Learning Technology to automatically scan the entire Twittersphere for relevant profiles, based on their tweets.
Based at SETsquared’s innovation centre at The University of Surrey, The start-up has already worked with big name clients, including Cancer Research and media giant, NBC Universal.



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