ON World, $3.4BN Invested in Wireless Smart Object Startups

According to global technology research firm ON World, $3.4 billion has been invested in wireless smart object startups to accelerate growth for Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

In details, there are four major investable categories for wireless Internet of Things companies:
1) Wireless Sensor Network Components and Enabling Technologies
More than two dozen wireless sensor network (WSN) component suppliers have raised $489m in venture capital with investments approaching $1 billion so far through acquisitions and public offerings.
2) Integrated Systems & Smart Devices
This category makes up over half of the companies evaluated and 83% of the acquisitions. Google’s acquisition of Nest for $3.2 billion shows the confidence in IoT markets and increasing mass market acceptance of wireless smart objects. Wireless smart lighting is another rapidly growing area.
3) Cloud Software and Data Analytics Cloud software
IoT startups focused on WSN solutions have the largest valuations and raised more than any of the other product categories.
4) Wearables, Mobile Sensing Devices and Mobile Apps
Wireless wearable, body area network and mobile sensing devices connect to the cloud through smartphones and tablet PCs. A relatively new investment area, this category has already raised half a billion dollars including Jawbone, Fitbit and Basis Science (acquired by Intel).

According to ON World, 5 billion Internet connected wireless sensors and actuators will be shipped by 2019.



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