Advanced Mem-Tech Completes $5M Financing

memtechAdvanced Mem-Tech, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company that develops innovative membrane filtration processes used in water treatment, completed a $5m financing round.

The round was led by Mr Uzi Halevy and SEB Alliance, the corporate venture company of Groupe SEB.

Led by Moshe Kelner, CEO, Advanced Mem-Tech develops innovative filtration membranes, which can filter bacteria, microbes and parasites from water by separating solids from water during the treatment and purification of waste water and clean water environmental contamination.
The company’s technology is based on the development of a team of researchers from the Technion, including Morris Eisen, Ph.D. and Rafi Smiiat, Ph.D.
It is a portfolio company of Trendlines Agtech, owned by The Trendlines Group.



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