2103 Halo Report, Angel Investments and Valuations Rise

The 2013 Halo Report released today by The Angel Resource Institute (ARI), Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and CB Insights showed that angel activity is on the rise.

According to the analysis, based on 884 deals totaling $1.1 billion in total rounds, median angel round sizes held steady at $600K per deal while, when angel groups co-invest with other types of investors, the median round size reached $1.7M.
A meaningful finding is related to median pre-money valuations in early-stage companies, which remained steady at $2.5M year over year. However, 2013 saw more high-valuation deals close than 2012.

Geographically, year over year, only New York and the Mid-Atlantic region gained a larger share of both deals and dollars in 2013 while New England and the Northwest produced a smaller share of deals and invested dollars than they had the prior year. California and the Great Lakes led in share of deals in 2013, while California and New England led in share of dollars invested.

Among the sectors, Internet, healthcare and mobile companies comprised a higher percentage of angel group deals (74%) and angel group dollars (79%), with a significant increase from the prior year.



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