Raises Pre-Seed Funding, a Milan, Italy-based startup that operates a geolocalized markeplace for products and services, raised an undisclosed amount in pree seed funding.

An angel, who is also active on the Israeli seed capital scene, invested in along with thw two founders.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to develop the platform, which is currently in beta, as well as to launch new solutions to improve the user experience.

Launched three months ago by Alessandro Ceratti and Paolo Vassallo, is a p2p collaborative consumption platform that allows users to search for products (e.g. cameras, bicycles, tvs, PCs), services and activities (e.g. a photography course, guitar lessons, etc.)  in their area and connect with people (non professionals) who are offering them.

The community currently includes 4k users, who are also providing the team with feedback to improve the platform.



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