Makoo Analyzes your Voice to Create Dream Jewels

makooMakoo, an Italian developer of a web application that allows users to materialize their own emotions in a jewel, thanks to their voice and 3D printing, has officially taken off.

Founded by Federico De Simone and Giulio Galassi, Makoo is to launch a platform that allows users to choose jewels based on a vocal message. In real time, the software analyzes the voice and its tone to realize (in 3D printing) a unique and personalized object. It is possible to visualize the resulting jewels such as rings, bracelets, cufflinks or tiepins in their different materials (argent, brass or gold covered brass), which will then be delivered at home.

In addition, the message that has been used to create the jewel can also be inlaid upon the metal and heard online on the Makoo’s website at

The Makoo jewels can also be bought directly online range from approximately €60 to €200, depending on the material.

Following the 3rd place at InnovAction Lab 2013,  Federico and Giulio joined H-Farm‘s accelerator H-Camp raising €15k in cash and €50k in services.

Federico told me that they are now seeking €200k to to expand the range of accessories, create new models and increase their marketing efforts.

A beta version of the platform will launched in the next few weeks.



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