Dedalus Receives €65M Investment

DedalusDedalus Group, a Florence, Italy-based healthcare IT systems company, received a €50m investment from Hutton Collins.

The investment, which will be made through a subordinated loan and a minority equity interest, will involve the purchase of stakes from outgoing equity investors, as well as financial support for international expansion.
In addition, co-investors have invested €15m.

Led by Giorgio Moretti, founder and CEO, Dedalus Group is a large healthcare IT company that provides daily support to its clients in four business areas: clinical area, GPs, health and interoperability platforms.
Its software systems are used by over 21,000 doctors, 500 public-sector hospitals, 250 private healthcare facility clients, 500 operating theatres, 280 laboratories, 120 pathology departments, 200 interoperability and cooperation platforms and, abroad, 60 hospitals in South Africa and over 80 in China.

The company, which has revenues of around €70m and EBITDA of €17m, has also created an Italian healthcare ICT hub, bringing together over 30 companies in Italy and the rest of the world. It has branches in Italy, 18 offices worldwide and a staff of over 900, 280 of them abroad in countries including China, South Africa, Romania, Spain and Latin America.
They will shortly enter the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian markets.



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