Aorato Raises $10M

aoratoAorato, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of a context-aware, behavior-based Directory Services Application Firewall (DAF), raised approximately $10m in funding.

Backers included global venture capital firm Accel Partners, Mickey Boodaei (co-founder of Imperva and Trusteer), Rakesh Loonkar (co-founder of Trusteer), Innovation Endeavors -VC funded by Eric Schmidt – and Glilot Capital Partners.

Co-founded by Idan Plotnik, CEO, Michael Dolinsky, VP R&D and Ohad Plotnik, VP of Professional Services, Aorato has developed a solution that profiles, learns, and predicts entities’ behaviors enabling context aware real-time decision making. It focuses on Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) services activities by observing the network traffic between AD servers and the active network entities (users, devices etc.). The technology uses the interactions identified in this traffic to create a model (Organizational Security Graph[TM]) of the observed relationships over time. Aorato monitors AD traffic comparing activities against the graph model looking for anomalies that could represent attack behavior or security policy violations (e.g., cleartext/simple passwords, AD protocols violations, deleted/disabled users /computers activities etc.). The firewall alerts on suspicious activities inserting them into a timeline, providing security professionals with the needed means to identify the steps in the attack chain from the seemingly harmless individual events.

The company’s advisory board includes:
– Gil Kilkpatrick, a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services from 2005, Chief Architect of Quest Software for Active Directory and identity management solutions and today CTO of ViewDS, an identity solutions provider;
– Harry Sverdlove: CTO for Bit9;
– Prof. Gil David, who brings to Aorato over 17 years of governmental, industrial and academic experience in the data analysis and cyber security fields, both in Israel and the USA;
– Neil W. Book, who serves as the President & CEO of Jet Support Services.



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