InvoiceSharing Raises $1.6M

invoicesharingInvoiceSharing, a Rotterdam, Netherlands- and New York City-based provider of a platform to send and receive free electronic invoices, raised $1.6m in funding.

Backers remained undisclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to grow the company and continue to develop the platform.

Led by Jeroen Volk (CEO) and Vincent Prooij (CTO), InvoiceSharing is developing a platform that allows users to send and receive free electronic invoices. The system has two options to send invoices. In case the invoice is sent to a receiver that is not yet an InvoiceSharing user, the invoice is sent in PDF-format. In case the receiver is an existing InvoiceSharing user, the invoice is automatically send to the accounting system of the receiver.
Premium products includes:
– a “pay me later” button to pay an invoice from a supplier on time, but have the amount deducted from a bank account 30 days later;
– a business intelligence tool to perform spend analysis on the invoices; and
– an app for sales account managers, to notify them when clients show specific purchasing behavior.



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