Securus Medical Group Raises $6.5M in Series B Financing

Securus Medical Group, a Cleveland, OH-based medical device company, raised $6.5 million in Series B financing.

The round was led by new investor 3X5 Special Opportunity Fund, with participation from RiverVest Venture Partners and the University of Michigan Investment in New Technology Startups program. In conjunction with the funding, Nicholas Walrod, a principal at 3X5 Special Opportunity Fund, joined the company’s board of directors.

The company intends to use the funds to further develop their system.

Led by newly appointed president and CEO Dr. Steven Girouard,  Securus Medical Group develops Aurora™ thermographic mapping system, a proprietary thermal measurement device that is expected to have several clinical applications for temperature monitoring during energy-based surgical procedures.

The company’s 2011 Series A financing was led by RiverVest and included JumpStart and the University of Michigan (read here).



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