Mobile Monitoring Station Wins Intel Global Challenge

Mobile Monitoring Station won the 9th annual Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley.

The team of student entrepreneurs from Chile received a $50k award from the Intel Foundation. They created a set of portable sensors that collects industrial workers’ biomedical data, such as heart rate, in real time. The sensors, which are applied directly to the workers’ clothes, transmit valuable biomedical information to devices such as smartphones, which then push the data to the cloud. The solution will be offered as a service, supplying industrial sites with the hardware and software for a monthly fee per worker.

Other teams won $10k awards. They were:
Gameleon of Bulgaria, which developed a cloud-based platform for creating, playing and monetizing Web games;
Karmashop of Mexico, which created a crowd-funding platform that allows users to customize how they receive donations; and
Tensive of Italy, which invented implantable biomaterials for the reconstruction of bone and tissue, caused by osteoporosis, trauma or tumor removal.

The Intel Global Challenge, held at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, drew 28 teams from more than 20 countries and regions.


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