Silver Curve Raises £200K in Equity Crowdfunding

Silver Curve, a London, UK-based  provider of digital signage software, raised £200k in equity crowdfunding.

233 backers took a 20% stake in the company via Seedrs.

Established by Bryan Crotaz, in 2010, Silver Curve provides consultancy services and integration expertise for large and small projects in the digital media industry. They developed a solution to reduce costs of signage screens, which can be seen in retailers, on advertising hoardings, providing information in airports and in offices. Behind each screen there is a PC running commercial signage software to generate content that the consumer sees.

To address the cost reduction issue related to this technology, Silver Curve created Aperture,  which enables signage software packages to run on a small and low-cost Raspberry Pi-based computer (a mobile phone chip) with the same quality of performance as a PC.



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