Promon Raises New Funding

Promon, an  Oslo, Norway-based developer of software solutions for the security market, raised new capital.

The amount of the funding was not disclosed.

Backers included Jarl Øverby (new chairman) and the former founders of Inmeta Paal Raaholt, Atle Johannessen and Ulf Ristebråten.

Led by Jan Søgaard and Tom Lysemose Hansen, CTO, Promon has developed a patented method for proactively detecting and blocking security threats enabling protection of applications and data on any potentially unsafe device everywhere. The Promon Shield technology offers application protection against malware attacks from Keyloggers, Spyware, Trojans and MitB (Man-in-the-Browser). It enables programs to be monitored while they are executing and different actions to be defined for different internal and external behaviours of the program.

Founded in 2006, the company is backed by Springfondet



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