GlassUp Raises $127.7K via Indiegogo

GlassUp, the Italian maker of Augmented Reality glasses that display messages from users’ smartphone, raised $127.7k via Indiegogo.

The company intends to use the funds to industrialize the products. They plan to to have a first buggy pre-series at the end of September and then start the production, with the product on the market expected in February 2014.

Led by Francesco Giartosio, CEO, Gianluigi Tregnaghi, CTO, Andrea Tellatin, COO, GlassUp is developing AR eyeglasses that display emails, text messages, directions, heartbeats, translations, or any other info selected by the apps on the smartphone.
They work via a bluetooth connection and a set of apps (Android and iOS). In order to use the glasses, people must bring their mobile phone with them. They can be used only to read and not to manage and (respond to) messages.
Summarizing specs, the eyeglasses weigh around 65 grams, have an Android OS on board, with sensors including accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, precision altimeter, and an optical system made of a display and a set of slightly tinted lenses and mirrors. The resolution of the display is 320×240 and they are controlled via touch-pad.

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