FitBionic Completes $2.2M Funding

FitBionic, a Boulder, Colorado-based prosthetics company, completed a $2.2m funding.

Backers included KMG Capital Partners, High Country Venture and the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4). In conjunction with the investment, Kerry Hicks and Javier Vergne-Morell, partners of KMG, Mark Lupa, and Kevin M. Smith, President and CEO of CID4, will join FitBionic’s board of directors.

The company, which plans to raise its Series A financing in 2014, is being used to support the global launch of its first product, the FitBionic Foot.

Led by Eythor Bender, CEO, and Jerome Rifkin, CTO, FitBionic focuses on cultivating healthy lifestyles for amputees. Its FitBionic Foot is optimized for walking, standing, and turning–the movements of everyday life. It targets both new and experienced amputees and is not designed for sports or running.



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