Over Technologies Wins FantaStartup

A fantasy game applied to a startup competition. This was the essence of FantaStartup, an event presented by Silvio Gulizia, a well known tech journalist and blogger, and Informale with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

Select startups trained by business experts pitched a crowd of fantainvestors.
Last night, in the final, which followed three qualification rounds, I was part of the jury along with other angels, entrepreneurs, startup mentors and experts. A new experience for me. Remarkable!

Over Technologies, a tech company that allows consumers and business to cut their energy bills, won the tournament, beating Pedius, a developer of an app that allows hearing impaired people to call in emergency cases, LuxMadeIn, a marketplace for jewelry, Makoo, a platform that allows people to create jewels leveraging a voice
recognition technology, and Pubster, a provider of the app that offers you free drinks.
IFixiPhone, a company that repairs mobile devices online, was awarded by the audience, who gave them the major amount of fantaeuro (no real money).
Before the pitches, Fabio Lalli, CEO of Iquii, startup mentor, and President of Indigeni Digitali, an association and a Facebook group where 12,000 people daily connect to share comments and knowledge on tech stuff, delivered a keynote on the “Art of networking”. Among other considerations, Lalli highlighted how “give before you get” and inclusiveness approaches always (before or later) reward participants in the network with more knowledge and opportunities of personal and professional growth.



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