SwapMob Launches with $1M in Seed Funding

SwapMob, an Ann Arbor, MI-based service for free-to-play players to buy and sell their premium virtual items amongst their friends and other players, launched with $1m in seed funding.

The round was led by Bernard “Bernie” Stolar, a games industry veteran, who was joined by fellow investor Erich Spangenberg.

Founded in 2011 and led by Mark Sendo, chairman and chief executive officer, SwapMob has developed a social trading network that allows players to list, bid and sell their virtual goods within games and across platforms. Developers can integrate the SwapMob API directly into their live or in-development games, without impacting on the gameplay experience for users.
Now live, SwapMob can be experienced in the following games:
– Drive or Die 3 for Android mobile devices;
– Game Ventures on Facebook Platform;
– Cristiano Ronaldo Footy on Facebook Platform.



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