The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund Invests $1.5M in Local Companies

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund invested a total amount of $1.5m in six Michigan-based companies.

The companies are
AutoBike, a Troy-based designer and developer of automatic shifting bicycles.
AlertWatch, an Ann Arbor-based developer of patient monitoring software to help reduce medical errors.
BEET Analytics Technology, a Plymouth-based manufacturing enterprise software company, which has developed the Machine EKG Technology that can capture manufacturing process intelligence. ENVISION Factory SMART System, a software based on the patented technology, delivers ability to prevent and pinpoint potential failures in any automated and industrial operations.
IROA Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based company that develops metabolic profiling tools used to create chemical signatures in molecules for accurate biochemical analysis and quantitation in multiple applications including general research, bioprocess, toxicology and diagnostics.
Patient Provider Communications, an Ann Arbor-based healthcare technology company that develops a (multilingual) interactive bedside care system to improve provider response to and fulfillment of patient requests.
TM3 Systems, a Royal Oak-based developer of portable microgrid products for off-grid power markets such as defense, remote industry, and developing nations.

Administered by Ann Arbor SPARK, The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund is an equity fund that invests in technology-based companies in the state. To qualify for fund, start-up technology-based companies must have the sponsorship of a local SmartZone and receive grant, angel or venture capital funding as a match for the Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund investment.



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