Intensity Analytics Closes $3.5M Seed Funding Round

Intensity Analytics, a Minneapolis-based provider of enterprise-grade security software solutions, closed a $3.5m seed funding round.

Backers were not revealed.

The company intends to use the funds to strengthen its market reach, grow its team and continue to expand its technology platform.

Led by John Rome, CEO and co-founder, Intensity Analytics provides enterprises with proprietary solutions to protect themselves from security threats and revenue losses from unauthorized access to their networks, content and data. They include biometric keyboard authentication, tamper-free data storage and transfer solutions, mechanisms to defeat the tactics used by key loggers, man-in-the-middle attacks and over-the-shoulder observers, audit trails of deployed use, continuous validation, reporting real-time computer activity, identification trespasses by otherwise-authorized employees attempting to access data or restricted processes outside of their authorized scope of operations.

The company also has a Federal office in Warrenton, Virginia.



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