AeroDron to Join b-ventures

AeroDron, a Parma, Italy-based startup that specializes in offering environmental services using civil drones, has been selected by Buongiorno’s b-ventures.

The company will participate in the acceleration program, which will start in November 2013. b-ventures will help the company develop, select young engineers (read here) and introduce  it to private and institutional investors. The acceleration program provides already formed companies with a €60K that consists of €30K in cash and a €30K package composed of a suite of professional services.

Founded in 2012 by Giorgio Ugozzoli, AeroDron leverages civil drones to offer professional services of low altitude, high resolution aerial imagery for the analysis, prevention and safeguard of the environment and territories, with applications in Civil Protection, Public Administration as well as Agricolture. It will develop two business divisions: the first one that provides remote sensing, aerial photography, monitoring of natural disasters and search and rescue operations. The second one will offer learning services.

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