Zuga Medical Raises $250K from JumpStart

Zuga Medical, a Cleveland, OH-based medical device company developing a dental implant system, received a $250k investment from JumpStart Inc.

The company intends to use the funds to launch its system.

Led by CEO Steve Cornelius, Zuga has developed an FDA-approved Zuga® implant system, which is specially designed to simplify and streamline implant placement and restoration, allowing the dentist to provide implant services without the use of complex alignment systems and outsourced lab services.
The technology, invented by CSO and Founder Dr. Chan Wang, consists of a surgical-grade-titanium-threaded rod that is inserted in the jaw at the location of a missing tooth. A specialized abutment is added to the rod after installation, and a standard crown is attached.

The company also raised funding from the Cuyahoga County North Coast Opportunities Fund and the Innovation Fund.



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