Structure Partners Holds First Close of Structure Fund

Structure Partners, a new Hollywood-Based start-up accelerator and venture capital firm focused on media-centric emerging technology, has held the first close of its Structure Fund.

Led by President Adam Shaw and Executive Partner Elijah Kim, Structure Partners provides startups with capital
as well as operational advisory work.
It identifies young companies and becomes an operational partner (in some cases a co-founder) for a period of three-to-six months. If during their tenure they believe that investing their capital will benefit both the company and their investors, they will invest a portion of the associated Structure Fund.
Accoridng to a note, they are looking for companies that have raised an angel round, but have not developed far enough to be a candidate for a Series A round.

Structure has already closed deals with:
– Wallaby Financial,
– Venga,
– Grade A Sign, and



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