Perfectus Biomed Raises £100K in Funding

Perfectus Biomed, Sci-Tech Daresbury, UK-based provider of bespoke microbiological testing, raised £100k in funding.

Backers included The North West Fund for Biomedical, managed by SPARK Impact, and venture capital firm Midven.

The company intends to use the capital to expand its research team, and marketing efforts across the UK and in Europe, and to invest in capital assets in order to improve service and develop management systems.

Led by Dr Samantha Westgate, business and scientific director, Perfectus Biomed specializes in testing for bacteria growing in “biofilms”, which are estimated to be the main cause of up to 80% of all infections in the body and whose formulation can lead to infections in medical devices such as urinary catheters and central venous catheters.
The company carries out test tube research to investigate biofilm- encased bacteria to help clients develop antimicrobial properties of devices for use in areas including wound care, medical implants, dentistry and contact lenses.



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