Zynga.org Teams Up with NewSchools Venture Fund to Create Ed-Tech Accelerator

According the the company’s blog (read here), Zynga.org is partnering with NewSchools Venture Fund to create a new ed-tech accelerator.

The initiative, which will officially kick off this summer, will focus on enhancing the quality and reach of learning games and apps. San Francisco-based Zynga will host the accelerator at its headquarters, providing its employees with the chance to share their expertise in game design, testing, analytics, product marketing and distribution with the participating companies. Additionally, Zynga.org has committed $1m in funding for the first year.

Selected ed tech companies include:
Kidaptive, a company dedicated to smart storytelling on iPads,
LocoMotiveLabs, a designer of assistive and play-based learning applications, and
Motion Math, a developer of math games for kids.
Edmodo, a social learning platform for education, will be a charter partner.



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