Venture Capital, The PR Jargon to Describe Innovation

Since the beginning of the FinSMEs adventure, I’ve read tons of press releases about venture capital deals.
PR professionals work hard to highlight the “magnificent” features of their clients’ products. To this end, they use particular (and creative) terms to capture the attention of the reader.

The obsessively repeated concept is INNOVATION. But in any release, I find it hidden under a different mask.

Below, I want unveil this mask. To this end, I propose some recurrent synonyms used by copywriters to mean “INNOVATIVE“:
Cutting-edge: at the forefront, used for companies at every stage, coming from any sector.
First-in-class: used in biotech and pharma industries to define new treatments, therapeutics, therapeutic approches, etc.
Groundbreaking: revolutionary, pioonering, used for products in the gaming, digital, hi-tech fields.
Novel: used in the pharma and biotech space for therapeutics.
Next-generation: for games and other high-tech or high-definition products or solutions.
Game-changing: which brings something new, not provided by the solutions or processes available in a market, which changes the current rules of an industry.
Ahead of the curve: which overcomes the competitors, which takes the lead, technology and products leaving the competitors behind.
State-of-the-art, nothing better is possible at the moment, which exploits all of the current technology, used a lot for software platforms.
Transformative: like game-changing, which leans on a new approach never leveraged before, which changes the way to work and operate; used in any sector.
First of its kind: a new, innovative therapeutic to fight cancer and other diseases, a software platform that allows users to reduce workloads and costs in a certain market.
World-class: recognized globally, maybe for companies in thier growth stage, with global traction.
Disruptive: concept launched globally by TechCrunch with its Disrupt series of events, it can mean revolutionary, rule breaking, it shows a break with the past, the coming of a new wave, a new era. It is (ab)used in the digital sector.
Breakthrough: based on a scientific discovery, used in the biotech and pharma sectors.
Leading: a comproved lead, in advantage, the competitors follows behind. Used in every sector.



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