Stained Glass Labs Launches in SF

A new incubator focused on Google Glass and wearable technologies tech has just launched in San Francisco, CA.

Redg Snodgrass, Kyle Ellicott and Raymond Lopez Aleman created Stained Glass Labs, which aims to create a community of glass-focused startups.

Mentors include:
– Alex Muse (HAUL, ShopSavvy, Fancast)
– Amber Case (Cyborganthropology, GeoLoqi, Esri)
– Andrew J Scott (Rummble, Taploid)
– Ashwin Navin (Bit Torrent)
– Beverly Jackson (The Recording Academy)
– Brady Forrest (PCh Accelerator & Ignite)
– Brett Murray (Apple, Nokia)
– Brian Zisk (SFMusicTech)
– Charles Hudson (SoftTech VC)
– Chris Heuer (SMC, Deloitte, Adhocnium)
– Chris Saad (Echo)
– Chris Tolles (Topix)
– David Mathews (NeWaer)
– Efren Toscano (TechZulu)
– Eliane Fiolet (Ubergizmo)
– Greg Gopman (AngelHack)
– Harald Neidhardt (Smaato, MLOVE)
– Jacob Mullins (Shasta Ventures, Exitround)
– Jason Collins (Alcatel-Lucent)
– Jahan Khanna (SideCar)
– Jay Nath (CIO SFGOV)
– Manish Chandra (Kaboodle, Poshmark)
– Nick Chadwick (BrightCover, Gaikai)
– Rick Witham (Nokia)
– Tero Sarkkinen (Rightware)
– Tamer Hassanein (Zong, Rising Tide Fund)
– Reza Kazemipour (ClearStone Ventures, Oris4)
– Richard Titus (Octavian Ventures,
– Raj Singh (Skyfire, Tempo.AI)
– Edouard Tabet (Trulia, Zetrip)
– Andy Mcloughlin (Huddle)
– Chris Hughes
– Debbie Landa (Dealmaker Media, Grow Labs)
– Demir Gjokaj (Montaj)
– Fergus Hurley (Focal Labs, Radum Oone)
– Julie Mossler (Groupon, Waze)
– Lea Bajc (NorthZone Ventures)
– Melissa Rowley (CNN, Cisco)

Startups, entrepreneurs and developers can apply at



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