Bulsara Advertising, Interview with Federico Roesler Franz

The interview came naturally.
Following the €350k round they closed last week (read here), I asked Federico Roesler Franz, Director of Business Development of Rome, Italy-based Bulsara Advertising, to answer my questions about the innovative solutions they propose, the company, the funding, and future plans.  He accepted to join us. This is the result.

FinSMEs: Hello Federico, Can You tell me a little bit more about you?
Federico: “I am Federico and even if my last name is not italian, I am from Rome, 26. I have a Master degree in Economics and the day after my graduation I jumped in this amazing avventure: Bulsara. We are a very young company, this is why I do not like to call my self: the CEO. I rather prefer: Director of Business Development.”

FinSMEs: Let’s speak about Bulsara Advertising. What does it do?
Federico: “Bulsara is leader in the Italian Toilet Advertising. We provide innovative spaces to our clients to promote their brands inside unconventional locations.”

FinSMEs: Can you tell me something about the creation process? Could you provide me with some examples?
Federico: We started selling adv spaces on very simple supports, such as regular frames. Later on we understood the potentialities of innovative supports and start developing new ideas of communication. We usually get in contact with our client, create his campaign in a very personalized way, add some innovations and work on the set up of the campaign in our washrooms.

FinSMEs: The company, who are the other team members?
Federico: “In our team we have the graphic, the logistic, the marketing and the sales. In total we are 10 people, all ages 25-35.”

FinSMEs: You recently raised equity. Can you tell me something about the investors? Was it difficult to close the deal?
Federico: “As all the negotiations, it took some time to find a final agreement, but we are very happy with the results achieved, today! Two funds invested in our company – Filas and Lventure Group – plus other two private big angels that work in the same sector of us.”

FinSMEs: How are you using the funds?
Federico: “Our fundraising will be used to open a new office in Italy, to invest in new acquisitions and to hire people.”

FinSMEs:…future plans?
Federico: “Get BIGGER, Push as much as we can!”



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