UrgentRx Raises $2.5M in Series B Funding

UrgentRx, a Denver-based developer of fast-acting over-the-counter flavored powder medications, raised $2.5m in Series B funding.

Backers included existing investors JUMP Investors and Boulevard Capital Partners and new investors Sam Zell, David Bonderman and Herb Simon and actress Hilary Swank.

The company, which had raised $3m in mid 2012, (read here), intends to use the capital to build inventory, produce innovative point-of-sale merchandising, and expand its retail presence throughout United States.

Led by Jordan Eisenberg, president and founder, UrgentRx develops fast powders which can be taken without water. Initially developed for heart attack victims, the company currently produces medications for everyday ailments such as allergy attacks, headaches, aches and pains, heartburn, and upset stomach.
UrgentRx has recently expanded its retail presence into more than 2,500 stores nationwide, including Walgreens-owned Duane Reade, as well as several national retail chains.



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