Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia

Jawbone, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of innovative wearable technology and audio devices, is acquiring BodyMedia, a Pittsburgh, PA-based developer of wearable body monitors.

According to Reuters, undisclosed sources familiar with the matter said the transaction amounted to more than $100m.

Founded in 1999 and led by Christine Robins, CEO, BodyMedia BodyMedia provides wearable body monitors that collect physiological data for use in improving health, wellness and fitness to guide behavioral changes to control weight and promote an active lifestyle. The company’s technology has been used in more than 100 clinical research studies covering health issues such as obesity, COPD, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, cancer, bariatrics, sleep and intensive care.

The acquisition aims to further accelerate Jawbone’s innovation efforts in wearable health technology and personal data analysis.
BodyMedia employees will join Jawbone’s existing team.

Led by CEO and founder Hosain Rahman, Jawbone has created successful products such as the JAMBOX® and BIG JAMBOX® wireless speakers, the
Jawbone ERA® and ICON™ Bluetooth® headsets, and the NoiseAssassin® technology.
The company is also backed by venture capitalists, with rounds including the following:
22/12/2011: Jawbone Receives $40M in Funding
17/03/2011: Jawbone Raises $49M from Andreessen Horowitz



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