Rome-based Incubator Enlabs Relocates to World-Class Facility

Finally, the eternal city has the startup hub it deserves. Nothing to envy to the rest of the world.

Enlabs, which incubates startups providing them with funding and support, spaces and access to high profile mentors, recently relocated to a mega facility in the city center with a 100+ conference room, co-working spaces, and dedicated boxes for startups.

Founded in November 2010 by Luigi Capello, EnLabs has incubated several startups including Maison Academia, CoContest, Atooma, Binge, GeoMeFree, Canvace, Mindigno, Interactive Project, URList, AppsBuilder, Qurami, Risparmio Super, SoundReef, Le Cicogne, etc.

Key people also include Giovanni Gazzola (President of Enlabs), Augusto Coppola (Director of EnLabs and LVenture, co-founder and president of InnovAction Lab), Gianmarco Carnovale (President of Roma Startup), Peter Krueger, and Roberto Magnifico.

The incubator, which is owned by LVenture, is located in Via Gioovanni Giolitti, 34, Rome.



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