Orange Fab Launches

Orange is launching a San Francisco, California-based accelerator program for startups.

Managed by Orange Silicon Valley and led by Pascale Diaine, the company’s development center in San Francisco, Orange Fab is open to all US-based startups developing products and services that can benefit Orange and its customers.

4/6 startups (with an existing product, in advanced beta phase or already launched) will be selected to be part of the program and will receive $20,000 in funding and will have access to mentoring sessions from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, engineers and designers, and advised by Orange executives located in Silicon Valley, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
In addition, two demo days will take place in Paris (in June) and in Silicon Valley (in July).

The applications are open until April 7th 2013.
Orange Fab will start in May 2013.



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