Kextil Receives Seed Funding from Innovation Works

Kextil, a Pittsburgh, PA-based developer of contextual voice enabled mobile workforce software for Field Service, received seed funding from Innovation Works.

The company intends to use the capital to continue the development of the Kextil software suite and the rollout of new customers. A portion of the funding will be specifically used for porting the application to multiple mobile platforms.

Led by Founder and CEO Jonathan Berman, Kextil provides voice enabled mobile workforce software for Global Field Service organizations in advanced manufacturing, medical equipment, utilities, semiconductor, industrial equipment, etc.
Kextil software understands contextual voice commands to capture information in real time and enable intelligent guidance and query for the technician through all parts of the maintenance and repair process.
Specific areas of benefit include eliminating documentation time, ensuring compliance with best practices, and reducing the need for repeat truck rolls.



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