Tykli Wins €100K Prize

Tykli, an Italian startup that provides innovative solutions for the information retrieval and knowledge management applications based on big data and semantic web technologies, won the €100k prize of “Prendi parte al cambiamento“, a pitch event organized by ING DIRECT Italia.

In addition, the company will be incubated in H-Farm for three months.

Led by Lorenzo Verna (CEO), Andrea Giacobino (CTO), and Augusta Giovannoli (CFO), Tykli has developed a property graph analysis algorithm that generates semantic networks from data and make them accessible through the concepts in the graph.

The company’s technology aims to enable users to navigate large amounts of data by different points of view, at they own pace. It will map data archives so they don’t have to waste time in querying and can focus on understanding data knwoledge.



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